• Jim & Kathy Coover
    Jim & Kathy Coover Co-Founders and Co-Chairpersons, Isagenix

We are honored to present the Unstoppable Legacy Award to our dear friends and supporters, Jim and Kathy Coover at the upcoming Unstoppable Celebration of Courage event, Wednesday, April 21, 2021.

Jim, Kathy, their son Erik and his wife, Peta, Isagenix and the Isagenix community have been steadfast supporters of our work to empower lives through education and lift entire communities out of poverty.

Widely considered pioneers in the health and wellness industry, Jim and Kathy have generated billions of dollars in sales across multiple companies during the span of their careers.

In 2002, Jim and Kathy partnered with John Anderson to form Isagenix with the mission to create the world’s greatest health and wellness products combined with business opportunities that would transform lives both physically and financially.

At the core of the Isagenix model: helping people. With health and wellness as its primary mission, Jim and Kathy set out to create a model that would provide the best products without cutting corners and a system of compensation that would truly give their associates financial freedom.

Running parallel to this business model was the belief that giving back is the ultimate personal life goal. Jim and Kathy provided the leadership that fostered a culture of giving at Isagenix. Everyone was encouraged to donate financial resources or to volunteer. In 2018, the ISA Foundation was born.

Jim and Kathy’s dedication to helping others, and inspiring others to give, has resulted in millions of dollars donated to worthy causes, including significant gifts to Unstoppable Foundation.

Jim and Kathy’s legacy is the empowerment of millions of lives all over the world, including Unstoppable communities, to realize their full potential.



  • Sandy Gallagher
    Sandy Gallagher CEO & Co-founder, Proctor Gallagher Institute (PGI)


We are honored to present the Unstoppable Legacy Award to our dear friend and supporter, Sandy Gallagher. Sandy, her Proctor Gallagher Institute (PGI) co-founder Bob Proctor, and the PGI community have been steadfast supporters of our work to empower lives through education and lift entire communities out of poverty.

Prior to co-founding PGI, Sandy’s career trajectory epitomized the classic corporate success track. An esteemed attorney with a successful law firm, she negotiated billions of dollars in mergers and acquisitions, and was an advisor to Fortune® 500 executives and boards. Yet, an encounter with Bob Proctor set Sandy on an extraordinary new path — one that would ultimately change not only her life, but countless others.

In 2006, Sandy attended a Bob Proctor seminar. On the very first day of the seminar, Sandy realized she was not fulfilling her life’s purpose. Her purpose was helping others. Soon after, Sandy closed her law firm and joined forces with Bob.

Today, as the co-founder, CEO, and President of PGI, Sandy shares international speaking stages with Bob and works closely with him and their team to provide coaching, training, and consulting – delivering some of the most profound and transformative concepts and strategies humankind has ever known.

PGI donates a significant percentage of their revenue to the Unstoppable Foundation. In addition, PGI programs are an integral part of the Unstoppable Scholars Leadership and Empowerment curriculum in Kenya which teaches students how to become effective leaders in their profession, within their family and in their community.

Sandy, through her leadership and generosity, has empowered millions of lives all over the world, including Unstoppable communities, to realize their full potential.

Thank you Sandy Gallagher for your generosity and for the Unstoppable Legacy you leave in the hearts of every life you touch.

  • Jane Marindany
    Jane Marindany Affectionately known as “Mama Jane”


Jane Marindany, affectionately known as “Mama Jane”, grew up in the very poor village of Emori Joi, Kenya.

Like most girls in Kenya, as soon as she could walk she hauled water several times a day for her mother, father and seven siblings. Destined to lead the same life of poverty as her parents and grandparents before her, Jane was pulled from school in the 3rd grade. It wasn’t important for girls to get an education, only boys.

In time, Jane got married and had 5 children and the dream of an education continued except now her dream was for her children.

Life in the village was hard. There wasn’t enough food. The water was polluted. Children were dying. But Mama Jane never gave up. Her life changed forever when WE Charity and the Unstoppable Foundation came to her village. Jane knew she had met the partners who would help her dream become a reality.

Together, they galvanized the community and built their first school.

Walking her five children to their first day of school was the happiest day of her life. Her children would now read and write and create a different life for themselves than the one she had.

As her children got an education, something happened that Jane hadn’t counted on: She got an education too.

Through the Unstoppable Foundation’s Sponsor A Village 5-Pillar model, the community of Emori Joi got a well for clean water, access to health care, an organic garden and income-training programs for parents. Jane learned to start her own beekeeping business. Soon, her women’s group of 12 expanded to nearly 600 and she was voted the leader of the group.

Mama Jane’s vision was that every single woman would earn an income so that they wouldn’t be dependent on their husbands to survive. That dream has become a reality and so much more!

Congratulations Mama Jane for your Unstoppable Achievement.

  • Mary Morrissey
    Mary Morrissey World-renowned life coach, motivational speaker, spiritual author & Founder of Life Mastery Institute


We were proud to present the Unstoppable Legacy Award to our dear friend, partner, and amazing supporter, Mary Morrissey.

Mary is the Founder and owner of Life Mastery Institute®: The Premier Life Coach Certification Company in the world. She’s a world-renowned figure in the personal development industry and her life’s work embodies transformation and generosity.

For more than 40 years, Mary has empowered individuals to achieve new heights of spiritual aliveness, wealth and authentic success. Her message has impacted millions of lives and countless individuals have been directly impacted by her wisdom and generosity.

Mary supported the Unstoppable Foundation when it was just an idea and has been a huge part of our growth and expansion. Mary’s friendship and generous support of the Unstoppable Foundation has been immeasurable.

  • Nelly Furtado
    Nelly Furtado Singer, songwriter, record producer & humanitarian


In 2011, after visiting schools in the Maasai Mara with WE Charity, Grammy-award-winning singer-songwriter, Nelly Furtado, initiated a $500K matching grant to fund the Oleleshwa All Girls Secondary School.

Nelly created a personal video for our 2012 Unstoppable Gala – inspiring guests to give to this project. Our Unstoppable Gala donors stepped up in a big way and helped provide the remaining funds to complete the high school!

Today, Oleleshwa All Girls Secondary School gives HUNDREDS of young Kenyan women an education.

This was a full circle moment for us to be able to honor Nelly Furtado, a tireless and inspirational champion for girls’ education, with our Unstoppable Achievement Award.

  • Bob Proctor
    Bob Proctor Chairman & Co-Founder, Proctor Gallagher Institute


We were honored to present the first-ever Unstoppable Legacy Award to our dear friend and amazing supporter, Bob Proctor, at our 7th Annual Unstoppable Gala. Bob is a legendary figure in the world of personal development and he is synonymous with success and generosity.

For more than 55 years, he has focused his entire life around helping people create prosperous lives, develop rewarding relationships and expand their spiritual awareness. Bob’s legacy includes the millions of lives he’s touched through his teaching as well as the countless individuals who have been directly impacted by his generosity.

Bob’s been a dear friend and supporter of the Unstoppable Foundation from the very beginning. As Chairman and Co-Founder of the Proctor Gallagher Institute (PGI), along with Sandy Gallagher, their generous partnership with the Unstoppable Foundation has been immeasurable.


  • Chris Mburu
    Chris Mburu 2016 Honoree, Senior Human Rights Adviser, United Nations


We are honored to present this year’s Unstoppable Achievement Award to Chris Mburu.

For Chris Mburu, the opportunity to make something out of his life would have ended as a young, rural Kenya student, if not for a small act of kindness by Hilde Back, a holocaust survivor who paid for his education.

Mburu went on to graduate from Harvard Law School and become a human rights lawyer for the United Nations.

The astonishing story of Hilde and Chris is captured in the award-winning 2010 film, “A Small Act”, but it is Mburu’s pay it forward initiative that is causing a shift in Kenyan society.

Inspired by Hilde’s generosity, in 2001 he started a scholarship program to help other bright Kenyan students who couldn’t afford school fees and to name the scholarship program after her.

To date, the fund has provided more than 500 scholarships for students to attend and graduate from high school.

Mburu’s new campaign – education is a human right – is to get all children the free education they are entitled to.

Chris Mburu’s life is a powerful example of what an education makes possible and embodies that one child really can change the world.



  • Warren Moon
    Warren Moon NFL Hall of Fame, Founder/President Sports 1 Marketing
  • Dr. Tererai Trent
    Dr. Tererai Trent Scholar/Activist
  • Laureate Malala Yousafzai
    Laureate Malala Yousafzai Nobel Prize Winner




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